Black Vegan Life™

Black Vegan Life™ Meetup is a place for people of color and their friends to meet other vegans and aspiring vegans in the Atlanta area. We began in November of 2014 and have hosted over 500 activities and events.


Each month you will have the opportunity to participate in anywhere between 2-10 events. Events typically take place in Atlanta and the surrounding areas; some are even virtual, allowing you to participate from home. We support vegan restaurants and events geared toward black culture, compassion and wellness. We hope you will join us!


Download the Meetup app on your phone for easy communication, particularly during events where we need to find each other.


Some events have the risk of physical injury. It is your responsibility to only attend events you are physically able to participate in. Black Vegan Life™ and its organizers may not be held responsible for injuries at any events.


We hope you will join us as we continue to grow and form an amazing vegan community.


We look forward to seeing you soon!